The University of Sydney

Educational workshops for sustainability practices in the Teaching Laboratories

The TSS Teaching Team’s new initiative is to hold educational events to promote sustainability within the Education Technical Support Services teams across USYD campuses. The TSS teaching team participating in this Green Impact program is primarily comprised of technical staff working for the Central Operations Services (COS) at the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC). In fulfilling some of the Green Impact challenges, they organised sustainability workshops and were pleasantly surprised at the interest shown by the greater university team. Beyond expectation, they were able to reach the multidisciplinary technical staff including participants from the discipline of Pharmacology, Physiology, Pharmacy, and the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases.

In addition, technical staff from the Susan Wakil Health Building and the Research and Education Network teaching laboratories at Westmead campus also attended these events. Their workshops mainly focused on maintaining local biodiversity and household sustainability practices, educating about changes that can incorporated in homes and community, ideally suited to COVID lockdown times. Engagement through these events allowed them to identify a niche opportunity, where they could educate and share the sustainability practices in the teaching spaces/laboratories at the university.