ACTS Green Impact vs Green Impact Lite comparison chart

Green Impact Lite

New in 2021 – the award winning Green Impact program is now available in a lite version!

ACTS is delighted to introduce this adapted “lite” model as an entry level opportunity for large organisations that want to get a feel for how Green Impact works, as well as opening it up to smaller organisations with a lower resource commitment.

Green Impact Lite is based on the same tried-and-tested framework of the standard program, providing a platform that helps people understand sustainability and social responsibility, shows them what they can do to make a difference in the workplace, and supports them in achieving these actions.

Green Impact Lite provides your organisation with access to a sector specific toolkit of actions (rather than a bespoke toolkit as seen in the full program) and allows you to compete against other participating organisations to be the greenest of them all!

The comparison table on the left outlines the major points of difference between Green Impact (standard) and Green Impact Lite and you can watch our introductory webinar here to find out more.

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