Tertiary Education

Green Impact has been delivering change and supporting volunteers to become sustainability innovators across campuses for over 10 years in the UK and 4+ years in Australasia. The example that our academic institutions set their students is fundamental to creating a sustainable future. To date, we have reached over 15 universities in Australasia and 60 universities in the UK that have used the model, we have gained experience in tailoring the approach to fit almost any kind of university.

A bespoke program for tertiary education has been prepared to support staff and students to take impactful actions towards sustainability. This goes far beyond the narrow, purely environmental definition of sustainability, helping embed sustainability into the curriculum, enhance the social fabric of institutions and improve the wellbeing of staff.


K–12 Education

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Our bespoke program has supported over 50 health sector organisations in the UK to take impactful actions towards sustainability. Responding to national directives and local strategies, we have been able to tailor Green Impact to suit the needs of organisations’ clinical and operational environments.

We have worked with large NHS Trusts, the Royal College of GP’s, national networks of dentists and even developed healthcare modules for students to develop programs to suit their cultures and values.

Public Sector

A program is bespoke for every organisation to support staff and the public to take impactful actions towards sustainability. We have worked with local authorities and their communities, police and fire services and national funding councils to develop programs to suit their cultures and values.

Working within one organisation or across a whole region, Green Impact is enabling people on the ground to recognise opportunities for change across the whole sustainability agenda.


In the UK we have worked with insurance companies, community sports facilities and the government funding councils to create bespoke Green Impact toolkits, and support their staff in taking tangible actions towards sustainability. Over a hundred off-campus organisations have used the strength of the student movement to enhance the social fabric of institutions and the wellbeing of staff.

We have worked with SME’s and large nationals to develop programs to suit their cultures and values. It doesn’t matter how big or small your organisation is, the Green Impact model is flexible enough to be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Art & Culture

A program is bespoke for every organisation to support staff and the public to take impactful actions towards sustainability. Green Impact helps embed sustainability into policy and procedures, supporting staff to take actions in teams, enhancing the social fabric of institutions and the wellbeing of staff.

We work with national museums and community organisations to develop programs to suit their cultures and values, bringing the power of students into your organisation’s sustainability journey.

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Green Impact works in an annual cycle, which is broken down into the below six stages.

The timescales can be adapted to your requirements so get in touch with us to start planning your cycle.


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1. Planning & toolkit development
2. Team recruitment
3. Teams implement actions
4. Toolkit submission & audits
5. Awards event
6. Evaluation & feedback

At each stage, you take the following actions and benefit from our support.

Stage Your actions Our support
  • Developing a project plan and actions for the bespoke online toolkit for your organisation
  • Circulating the behaviour change baseline survey to staff
  • Organising working meeting to plan the program and start developing the toolkits, considering current practices and the organisation’s aims and ambitions
  • Hosting of the online toolkit
  • Promoting Green Impact amongst staff, encouraging them to form Green Impact teams
  • Recruiting students as Green Impact Project Assistants to support the teams as volunteers (optional)
  • Working meeting to design the recruitment process, based on good practices of other institutions
  • Assisting the development of promotional materials and a program launch event
  • Support the delivery of a one-day training for project assistants (optional)
  • Supporting teams in realising their actions; at least 1 to 2 members of your sustainability team or Green Office invest between 2 to 8 hours per week to support teams
  • Continued support of project assistance (optional)

  • Half-day on-site training for participating teams
  • Catch-up calls and remote mid-term review
  • Access to online resource bank
  • Ongoing technical support for the toolkit
  •  Supporting teams to submit their actions online so that their final score can be calculated
  • Recruiting (student) volunteers as auditors
  • Provide support and materials for training day for (student) volunteers who then conduct the audits
  • Providing results of online toolkits to auditors
  • Organising an awards event to celebrate the teams’ and auditors’ achievements and efforts
  • Sharing tips and tricks on how to best organise the awards event based on good practices from other institutions


  • Sharing the feedback report with each team
  • Distributing the link to the program evaluation amongst the Green Impact teams
  • Providing overall impact report for the organisation and feedback reports for every team based on the results of their audits
  • Sharing of the results of the evaluation and impact survey
  • Organising working session to evaluate the program and plan for the next year’s cycle