How Green Impact will work at your organisation

Both staff and students can make up a team and follow the step by step guide below to get involved!

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1. Register your team

>  Teams sign up to take part in Green Impact; they may be any size and typically are composed of members from a department or floor.

>  Assign a primary and secondary team leader but get as many colleagues involved as you can.

2. Sign up to your online Toolkit

>  Participants take part in Green Impact by completing actions and recording them in an online toolkit.

>  All team members can have access to the toolkit if they wish.

>  Actions are grouped into themed criteria such as waste and recycling, energy, water, engagement, procurement, health and wellbeing, biodiversity, and travel.

>  Participants progress through these simple, clear and easy criteria, completing multiple actions within the workbook to work towards a bronze, silver or gold accreditation, and any special.

Detailed instructions on how to use the toolkit and how to achieve accreditation are included in the Toolkit User Guide.

3. Get support

>  You won’t be alone! With some Institutions, a project assistant will be assigned to help you through the process.

>  Your Institutions sustainability team will be able to help you.

4. Submit

>  Submit your toolkit by the closing date.

>  Your online toolkit will be audited by student auditors towards the end of the year.

5. Audit

>  Green Impact participants are properly audited to ensure that they’ve completed their actions to a satisfactory standard before we can award them with a Gold, Silver or Bronze accreditation.

>  We provide ISSP approved training to equip new auditors with the skills they need to carry out this important work.

>  Becoming a Green Impact auditor provides a great insight into the world of sustainability, and helps you to drive change today while equiping you with valuable skills and attributes for tomorrow.

6. Celebrate

>  Teams will be awarded internationally-recognised accreditations.

>  Go to the celebration at your end of year Green Impact Award ceremony!

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