Whether you’re taking your first steps into sustainability, or feel like there’s nothing left for you to do – you can make meaningful, visible progress in just one year of Green Impact, whatever your starting point.

Our online toolkit software breaks the often complex world of sustainability down into simple, manageable actions.

Teams of colleagues can use it to plan their activities, record their progress and upload evidence – building confidence and enabling light competition to drive further change.


Change doesn’t just happen – we need to feel encouraged, supported and be led by example to really take on new habits and behaviours.

We support organisations to deliver meaningful and timely communications and create networks across programs to share learning.


Learning from others is instrumental to Green Impact’s success – we develop, deliver and support training for participants in a wide range of knowledge and skills.

Our suite of workshops and IEMA approved auditor training are delivered for staff and students by our team of experienced and passionate facilitators.


Our online toolkit provides continual opportunities to monitor, evaluate and feedback on organisational and team progress towards sustainability goals.

Every team and organisation receives a bespoke report at the end of each Green Impact year to demonstrate their impact.

Our monitoring and evaluation surveys enable us to measure behaviour change and impact and involve participants in the design of the program.



We know students learn when they lead. Students bring knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to drive Green Impact across organisations whilst strengthening their own experience and confidence.

Whether a college, university, police service or business, Green Impact trains and supports students to work alongside every program we run, giving them fantastic development opportunities so they can leave their education as passionate change-makers.


Teams of staff and students work together to create change, breaking down silos and enabling on-the-ground innovations to gain international recognition.

Offering a fun way for staff and students to work outside the parameters of their everyday roles, the effects on morale and productivity can be huge.

Working in over 450 organisations worldwide, and with many sector partners and membership bodies, we are able to constantly evolve and shape our program to reflect the needs of the world our students will go on to lead.

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