How it works

Bespoke to your organisation

Green Impact provides a framework, customised to your organisation, to empower your community to work together and make positive social, environmental and economic differences.

Green Impact is so successful in part because it responds to the local environment and offers bespoke solutions to internal engagement.

A team from the University of Newcastle organises an ugly jumper day to encourage others to wear clothing appropriate to the conditions, rather than relying on air conditioning and heating.

An annual cyclical program

Green Impact follows a six-step approach over approximately 12 months.

Teams will form across your organisation to take guided, practical steps to help improve sustainable behaviours, challenge unsustainable processes, enhance their knowledge on sustainability, and gain local and national recognition for their progress.

Support package

You will have a dedicated Project Officer from ACTS who will be on hand to support you with delivery of your program. This will include ongoing planned support for your organisation’s coordinator (such as a regularly scheduled catch-ups) and reactive email support.

As well as overall project management, a range of engagement activities and resources are also included.

Online toolkit

Our online toolkit software breaks the often complex world of sustainability down into simple, manageable actions.

Teams of colleagues can use it to plan their activities, record their progress and upload evidence – building confidence and enabling light competition to drive further change.

Your Green Impact toolkit will be bespoke to your organisation. We will work with you to ensure your toolkit covers all aspects of sustainability, while responding to local priorities and organisational values and targets.


Our online toolkit provides continual opportunities to monitor, evaluate and provide feedback on organisational and team progress towards your sustainability goals and targets. Additionally, monitoring and evaluation surveys enable us to measure behaviour change and impact and involve participants in the design of the program.

Every organisation receives a bespoke report at the end of each Green Impact year to demonstrate their reach, impact and achievements.

Timescales can be adapted to your requirements

The six stages of Green Impact

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1. Planning & toolkit development
2. Launch & team recruitment
3. Ongoing support
4. Toolkit submission & audits
5. Awards event
6. Evaluation & feedback

Let’s work together

The benefits


  • Create a bottom-up community of change-makers

  • Support execution of sustainability policies and plans

  • Set up communication channels to people in all departments

  • Achieve CO2 and cost reductions through behaviour change

Benefits of our support

  • Access to the online toolkit
  • Knowledge transfer from 10 years of Green Impact experience

  • Professional advice and training through our team
  • Exchange and peer-learning with other participating organisations


  • Build camaraderie with colleagues while having an impact

  • Develop the skillset to create effective change at work

  • Feel empowered to do something they are passionate about

  • Have clear actions to take undertake, with recognition of effort

Students (tertiary education)

  • Enhance personal competencies and gain employability skills

  • Learn how to implement sustainability within an organisation
  • Feel empowered to do something they are passionate about
  • Engage with their university or college in a new way
Images of Green Impact participant holding a compost caddy

Your investment

  • Capacity to dedicate 1 or 2 people to implement the program, investing 4–8 hours per week

  • Creativity and energy to get the best out of the program
  • A willingness across the organisation to commit to the program & work towards making it a success
  • Discount program fees for ACTS members