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Green Impact is a change and engagement program where individuals get into teams and work together to undertake a diverse range of sustainability actions. These actions cover all areas of sustainability across campus life – i.e. travel, engagement waste, health, and wellbeing etc. The Green Impact programme uses friendly competition to motivate teams.

“The value of Green Impact for us is not just raising awareness and completing actions that support our Environmental Sustainability Plan. It also helped us to identify sustainability champions in all parts of UNSW, for them to find each other, and to strengthen connections across teams.”

The University of Melbourne

How does it work?

Green Impact provides a framework, bespoke to your university, to empower staff and students to work together and make positive social, environmental and economic differences on a local level.

After completing an online toolkit of actions tailored to your institution, Green Impact rewards the work of your staff and students with a year-end award ceremony to recognise the action taken over the academic year.

Green Impact allows you to drive forward the cutting edge of sustainability through empowering staff and students. In the UK, students’ unions and their parent institutions are working together to take action on education for sustainable development, reverse the decline of pollinating insects, develop their own socially responsible business models, and much more.

This yield benefits far beyond environmental responsibility. Green Impact brings new people together; it develops more streamlined ways of working and makes huge cuts to energy bills. It also develops essential employability skills and knowledge among students, instilling values which last beyond their time in education. More than that, it creates stronger links on campus between students and staff, and builds relationships with the local community.

Whether your university is new to sustainability or doing lots of work already, Green Impact is the perfect way to bring all your sustainability initiatives together, maximising their collective impact.

Together, bottom-up greening action can make a huge difference.

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