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About the team

The Boronia and Tallowwood Early Learning team at Griffith University, a dedicated group of four educators, has excelled in the Green Impact Program for two consecutive years, winning the overall winner award. With team leader Ruth now serving as a mentor, their commitment to sustainability in early education shines brighter than ever.

How the Green Impact Program Cultivates Environmental Guardians of the Future

The Boronia and Tallowwood team’s journey with the Green Impact Program showcases a transformative approach to sustainability education, aligning with key educational frameworks like the EYLF and QKLG. Their dedication to sustainability has seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, offering children hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.

By emphasising active learning and environmental interaction, the program has fostered a culture of environmental stewardship among children and staff alike. Activities such as collaborative art projects and the creation of bush tucker gardens have provided tangible experiences of sustainability in action.

The impact on educators has been profound, with the program inspiring personal and professional growth in sustainability practices. Facing and overcoming challenges, such as resistance to change, the centre has seen significant improvements in its sustainability practices, leading to a stronger community engagement and commitment to sustainability.

The positive feedback from children, parents, and staff highlights the program’s value, affirming its importance for future generations. This case serves as an exemplary model for other educational institutions, demonstrating the vital role of early childhood educators in fostering a sustainable future.

“I think the biggest key learning for me personally, was the many different aspects of sustainability. It made our transition to Version 2 of the Early Years Learning Framework easier as we already had a strong understanding and focus on being culturally responsive and every aspect of sustainability as it applies to early education and care.”

Ruth Simpkins, Boronia & Tallowwood for Tomorrow, Griffith University

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