Image of Lake Wanaka as part of AUT's Sustainability Nature Photography Competition

About the team

It’s clear that the BELoved Planet Green Impact team from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) enjoys a creative outlet! Even their name is cleverly crafted from their location at the Faculty of Business, Economic and Law (BEL). So it’s no surprise that this team, consisting of 9 dedicated members, ran a successful nature-based photography competition as part of their Green Impact program. 

The photo competition held in July was more than just a contest; it was a call to action for faculty members to spend time outdoors, observe, and capture the essence of their surroundings through photography. The event invited participants to express themselves beyond their professional roles, enhancing their connection with the environment and each other.

Photo submissions were evaluated by a panel of judges, representing volunteers from the Art & Design, Marketing, Estates, and Business faculties, making the event a collaborative and inclusive endeavor. The community’s enthusiastic participation highlighted the event’s success in fostering a sense of stewardship and creativity among the staff.

Similar contests have taken place across different Green Impact teams at AUT. Such activities underline the program’s adaptability and its role in promoting sustainability through interactive and engaging methods.

“The photo competition was an inventive way to see sustainability through different perspectives, challenging us to find beauty and significance in our surroundings.”

Kim Daly, BELoved Planet Team Leader

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