About the team

The Faculty of Business and Law (FoBL) team achieved consecutive Gold Awards in the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Green Impact program in 2022/23. They secured the prestigious Overall Winner title in 2023 with their innovative “Sustainability Week” campaign, designed to engage and educate faculty, staff, and students in a fun and impactful way.

The FoBL team didn’t just talk the talk when it came to Green Impact las year; they walked the walk, played, and even “plalked” their way to victory. Their secret weapon? A thoughtfully crafted “Sustainability Week” designed to engage and educate faculty, staff, and students in a fun and impactful way.

More than just recycling tips: Instead of dry lectures and passive learning, the FoBL team knew they needed to capture hearts and minds through interactive experiences. They launched a dedicated website packed with information on recycling, but also gamified the experience with engaging quizzes and challenges. This catered to “reflective learners” who prefer to absorb information at their own pace.

FoBL finding innovative ways to collect hard-to-recycle items

Turning heads (and trash) into action: For hands-on learners, the team set up a temporary recycling station in the faculty’s main atrium. This eye-catching display, co-designed with Terracycle, collected “hard-to-recycle” items, raising awareness about responsible waste disposal beyond the usual suspects. The partnership further solidified the initiative’s commitment to practical solutions.

Learning from the experts: Knowledge is power, and the FoBL team empowered their community by hosting a webinar featuring Terracycle’s national marketing manager, Jeanne-Vida Douglas. Her insights on the importance of responsible recycling resonated with attendees, driving home the impact of individual actions.

Walking the Walk (and picking up the plalk): Sustainability isn’t just about theory; it’s about action. The team organised “Plalk and Play” activities, combining the act of picking up litter with friendly competition and outdoor enjoyment. This initiative tackled the issue of campus waste head-on while promoting physical activity and community building.

Spreading the green word: To ensure maximum reach, the team leveraged existing communication channels by promoting Sustainability Week through dedicated sustainability newsletters. This kept the momentum going and encouraged participation across the FoBL community.

The FoBL team’s innovative approach paid off. Not only were they Overall Winners at QUT, but they also fostered a genuine culture of sustainability within the faculty. Their story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that impactful change can be achieved through creativity, collaboration, and a touch of fun.

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